Iso-dog and Iso-cat are trademarks of Swiss Pet Solution

Swiss Pet Solution is a business unit of Granovit SA. It is the largest Swiss manufacturer of dry pet food. As a modern Swiss SME, we offer great flexibility, innovation and are close to our customers.

For more than 30 years we have been delivering our customers with high quality foods developed by our veterinarians and engineers. Thanks to our versatile and automated facilities, we manufacture both extruded kibble for dogs and cats as well as cold pressed pellets for other pets.

Why Swiss Pet Solution:

  • Swiss production

  • More than 30 years of experience in animal nutrition

  • An experienced team of veterinarians and commercial

  • Superior quality

Who is behind Swiss Pet Solution:

Dr med vet Stephan Leoni
Petfood / Direction
Dr med vet Anja Tschudin
Product Engineer
Damien Seiler
Sales Switzerland and Export
Michael Braun
Sales Representative
Sandra Schenk
Sales Representative
Marc-Olivier Béguin
Sales Representative
Nadja Sage
Sales Assistant
Bernhard Liechti
Sales Assistant

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