Complementary milk replacer feed for puppies


  • A specific blend of fats providing puppies aged one to five weeks with the energy they need.

  • Highly digestible milk protein (skimmed milk powder and whey).

Natural products for a healthy dog:

  • Skim milk powder to mix with water. Dissolves easily. Does not form lumps.

  • In the case of insufficient breastfeeding (especially with large litters) or the mother’s absence, our milk substitute provides the nutrients they need.

  • Iso-dog Puppy Milk ensures your puppies grow healthily. Mixed with water, this dairy substitute is adapted to the nutritional needs of puppies and is particularly well assimilated by their bodies. The risk of diarrhoea is reduced thanks to highly digestible fats and proteins.


Skimmed milk powder, blended fats, dextrose, whey powder, vegetable protein concentrate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride.

Analytical constituents: 
crude protein: 22.0%, crude fat: 20.0%, Crude ash: 6.0%, Crude fibre: 0.0%, Omega 6: 2.4%, Omega 3: 0.3%, Calcium: 0.9%, phosphorus: 0.6%, sodium: 0.4%, magnesium: 0.1%, metabolisable energy (NRC 2006): 4,640 kcal / kg.

Analyses nutritionnels par kg: 

Vitamin A: 22,500 IE, vitamin D3: 2,250 IE, vitamin E: 150 mg, , iron: 11 mg, iodine: 0.3 mg , Copper 11 mg,   manganese: 77 mg, zinc: 116 mg, selenium: 0.2 mg.


1 kg

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